The unknown and uncertain can be scary and when we feel anxiety, we tend towards the familiar. I get this and I have done this but when the world around us is changing daily and the information we receive can be unreliable, we need to search out the best available data from the most credible sources rather than find comfort in those who confirm our position and rely on yesterday’s common sense, even when it has become nonsense.

Whether the issue is the environment, health, economics, diet, or philosophy there are opinions galore. I have a position on climate change…

As we enter into the nastiness of campaigns at the national and municipal level, be on the lookout for illogical arguments, empty rhetoric, and logical fallacies. All these mean that the speaker has nothing of substance to say and is resorting to childishness.

Some specific things to watch for;

ad hominem: Latin for “to the man.” An arguer who uses ad hominems attacks the person instead of the argument. …

After an early start and a great run, I headed to the office and pounded out a spreadsheet and projections (not my favorite stuff) and then made a dash to the bank. On the way back I noticed a young guy, smiling and bouncing towards me on the sidewalk. Emblazoned across his t-shirt was ” I am About to Do Something Awesome!” I smiled, he smiled bigger and here I am thinking about choosing remarkable over mediocre. What do I need to make happen today that will lead to awesome rather than ordinary?

The tee doesn’t work if it says…

This Racket isn’t about the material or the aesthetic or the esoteric. It is about a simple action that you can take starting in 2 minutes.

Are you enraged by some injustice? Have you or friends/family been touched by an issue or illness? Have you recently become aware of a social wrong in your community, country, or internationally? Has someone approached you to help with a project or issue? Did a news story shake you into action? Are you passionate about an issue?
There is a three-link chain that should help you to find an action that is immediate, relevant, and concrete. The links are connected like a chain where each one is important and dependent on two more links. The process isn’t linear but somewhat circular…

Hope will unlock the cage. It is the key. Despair, depression, distress, cynicism are bars to moving forward and hope unlocks the prison. Hope is waiting for you to seek her so she can manifest herself in you.

These four steps, from Dr Alexander Lloyd aren’t exactly my prescription but they have worked for hundreds of his clients who are caged by distress caused by worry.

Remember 10 things that you have worried about in the past that never happened. Write them down. That’s step one. Next, just write down under that, “there is a 90+% chance that the worst…

As discussed last week, hope is around every corner. If we open our hearts to a hopeful perspective, it can be found, or somehow it finds us. Hope isn’t a strategy, but no strategy survives without hope. Call it the ‘placebo effect’ or some other minimizing name but it still hope has the power to change the world. Read more on Vocal

Where does hope come from? My head? My heart? My faulty logic? Some survival strategy? Are the myths, stories, and misconceptions we tell ourselves the source or the suffocation of hope? I am not sure how hope manifests, but I am sure that it becomes infectious, viral, and creative as I observe it. If I just keep my dim eyes open and wait, will hope walk across my path? Or am I charged with some responsibility to seek the hopeful moments, situations, and individuals occupying my small piece of the world? I do a bit of both, chase and wait.

Read more on Vocal where I am moving most of my writing. There are 5 chapters of a new work and the beginning of a series on hope up there already. I encourage you to subscribe to my new platform.

Thanks to Josh Spector and “ For the Interested” for prompting a dive into specificity. His take is different than mine but served as the prompt.
I have always preached the need for clarity of expectations. In the fundraising and community cause world, I often hear/heard, “ we need more money.” When I respond with “ here is 10 dollars,” I am met with “that’s not enough.” Firstly, how was I to know how much is enough and secondly, in the charitable sector, there never seems to be enough. …

My where, influences my choices. Where I live today, where I lived ten years ago, where I was educated, where I grew up, and where I was born are shadows and lights shining on and clouding who I am becoming today.
My worldview and my tenets of belief have been shaped by the sum of my experiences that would have been individually and collectively different if my geography, genetic, or grounding was different. Even with the same home and DNA, my sisters have strikingly different values than me. My friend born in Chicago to new immigrants, 22 years after I was…

Bob McInnis

I am therefore I ask questions.

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